Started in the year 2007 by Ganapathi. M, to provide quality online educational support to students. Currently, several Students have been using our products for SAT, GMAT, ICSE, ISC, IB, AP Calculus and the results have improved significantly for those students. Our methods of solutions to any question is very simple which students can understand easily. We are providing exclusive Study Material which covers the entire latest syllabus, Worksheets and Test papers. This package is a Self-Learning Online Module – Now with this, they can train themselves by referring to the Study Material, Worksheets provided along with Test papers. For an additional support we are also providing formulae list of every chapter. Some more guidance of DO’S and DONT’S during exam to save their time, so that they can recheck their paper which is more valuable. We are conducting online classes to provide more support.

Our Philosophy​

Not just numbers and formulae, it is also about the
Many assume that math is purely based on numbers & formulae, but it is about understanding the basic concept behind derivation of formulae and then applying this logic along with formulae combined with simple method of calculations.

Also many fear while calculating, we advice them to
calculate with the thought that you can do it and not with the thought that you are always wrong. One can understand math very easily if they are sure of the concepts. We mainly focus on simple methods of solving a problem using the basic concepts and also using very simple method of handling number based calculations.

Step-by-step approach as it makes the student understand the sequence of the given problem. Any problem is always best understood when a student does it with all steps with proper justification for each step. Don’t worry if you see any question, always analyse what is given and what is asked and put down the information on the paper and observe the paper. Avoid any algebra mistakes, use brackets wherever required and avoid plus or minus mistakes. Do not learn math just to score high. Enjoy math and your high score will follow naturally as a result of your sincere effort and determination.